2 Minute Praxis: The Sacrament of Now

Every part of our day is just waiting to be transformed when we come to pray. – Dave Nixon

The 2 Minute Praxis is just that: a way to put soul care into practice when you don’t have a lot of time. It’s something you can do anywhere, at just about any time.

Something that has been beneficial for me, is what I call the Sacrament of Now. It is an exercise in which I have experienced what Jean-Pierre de Caussade called the Sacrament of the Present Moment: recognizing how God shows up and speaks to us through every moment of the day. The word sacrament, I suppose, can seem like a stuffy religious word, but, in essence, (as minister and spiritual director Dave Nixon has put it):

[To sacramentalize] is to take ordinary things and link them to God.

The following exercise is one way that we can experience this. It has been helpful for me, maybe it will be helpful to you too:

  • Breathe: Take a few deliberate breaths. Breathe in for 10 seconds and then out of 10 seconds.
  • Prayer of Surrender: Simply surrendering to the Lord is key in the sacramentalizing of the moment. Recognizing that “He is here,” and respond to that realization by saying, “Lord, I give every iota to You as best I can.” This prayer is a prayer of authenticity. It is: “I need You” and “I can’t do it without You,” as well as “I surrender everything I have to You.”
  • Make the ordinary things of life a part of your conversation with God: Something that we need to remember is that the Lord wants to reveal Himself to us (Jeremiah 29:13; Matthew 7:7). Even the most mundane things can point us to God. Praying something like, “Lord, help me to experience Your presence in this moment,” can be powerful if we engage our imagination and senses in the process. What do the regular every day things remind you about God? For example, in drinking a cup of water, we can engage our hearts in this simple act by praying, “Lord, thank you for this cup of water! It is refreshing to my body, just like You refresh my soul.”
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